Nicole Rubenstein, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE

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A little about me: During the 1990s I was a competitive snowboard racer and had the privilege of traveling the world to do what I love. I realized the importance of proper nutrition during my racing career, so when I retired from racing in 2001 I decided to attended Cornell University to get my degree in nutrition. What better than to pair my love of sport with my love of food! I began my nutrition practice in New York in 2006, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings and eventually starting a private practice. I relocated to Colorado in 2010 to continue my nutrition practice and develop my skills as a sport nutrition professional. In addition to working full-time as a dietitian, I enjoy my free-time mountain biking, snowboarding, cooking, and playing with my two dogs, Sol and Woody. I love planning my own sport nutrition as well, which has been essential for strength and conditioning training to stay strong and healthy during mountain bike season.


You don't have to be a professional athlete to learn how to fuel your body right. Elite athletes periodize their nutrition regimen to match their training regimen, and this is what I will teach you to do. Your body needs different fueling strategies when you are in periods of endurance, high intensity, competition and recovery. You will be amazed at what your body allows you to accomplish once I coach you on how to implement a calculated nutrition regimen consisting of adequate fluids, electrolytes, carbohydrates, protein and sport nutrition supplements, all timed and measured perfectly to allow you to excel at your sport. 

Education and Credentials


  • Registered Dietitian for 13 years working in private practice and clinical nutrition settings

  • Extensive work with athletes who have type 1 diabetes 

  • Individual counseling, team counseling, and body composition testing with the following athletic groups: professional snowboarders, U.S. Speed Skating Team, cyclists, runners, triathletes, weight lifters, and Ironman athletes, among other sports

  • Counseling athletes with celiac disease, other gastrointestinal disorders and those who follow vegan diets and other dietary patterns

  • Featured as a nutrition expert for Fox 31, KOA News Radio, 9NEWS, and the Denver Post

  • Presented live sports nutrition segments for the Colfax Marathon in Denver, CO every year from 2015-2019

  • Conference speaker at JDRF, American Diabetes Association, and the American Liver Foundation events



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