Nutrition Strategies For Athletes With Diabetes

Improve your performance and your blood sugars too

If you have type 1 diabetes, it can be even harder to plan your nutrition regimen because you are constantly making decisions related to your blood sugar before, during and after exercise. I am well versed at working with athletes who have type 1 diabetes and can guide you to match your insulin and sport nutrition regimens. It is rare to find a dietitian who is certified in both sports nutrition and diabetes. Let me help you take your athletic pursuits to the next level.

If you are trying to lose weight and exercise with Type 1 diabetes, you have likely encountered what seemed like an infinite number of hurdles. I can help you through your weight loss journey while getting fit and improving your blood sugar control!

All services offered on the Fueling For Sport Page can be custom tailored to someone with Type 1. At each visit we will incorporate blood glucose meter, pump, and or CGM data review. We will discuss insulin adjustments in conjunction with a Periodized Nutrition Approach to allow you to perform your best with less worry about lows and highs.

Global Service Available

Whether you are in Denver or anywhere else in the world, you can meet with Nicole! All services (except body composition testing) are provided via phone or video visit.

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