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Our clients are always asking us for product recommendations. Here are some of our favorites! If you choose to purchase a product by clicking on the link, we will donate 50% of the commission to our favorite food bank in Colorado. This year we will be donating to Metro Caring. The remainder is used to allow us to provide lower cost nutrition education to schools and athletic groups in need of dietitian support.

Food & Supplements

A cost-effective, organic tart 

cherry concentrate, which can help reduce inflammation, decrease muscle soreness, and improve sleep. Read more

about the benefits here.

Beet juice can help reduce time to exhaustion, increase VO2 max, enhance power and speed, and more! Beet It is the only beet juice concentrate we recommend because it's Certified by Informed Choice and repeatedly used in elite athlete testing. Choose from a large bottle or single shots. Read more about the benefits here.

Turmeric is often recommended for reducing inflammation.

Many athletes, especially female athletes are low in iron. Iron is needed to transport oxygen and crucial for sports performance. We love these easy-on-the-stomach iron to help our athletes replete their levels.

orgain sport.jpg

Protein powder has so many uses - from meal replacements for weight loss to recovery nutrition for athletes. If you're vegan, Orgain's plant-based protein powder is an excellent pick to get your protein without a bunch of added sugar 

Whey protein is the gold standard for muscle building protein because of it's high leucine content. Tera's whey is a clean, grass-fed whey protein with a simple formula. If you have a lot of food additives you are allergic to this is a protein powder for you to check out.

Whey protein is the gold standard for muscle building protein because of it's high leucine content. Garden of Life Sport grass-fed whey protein is NSF and Informed Choice Certified - essential if you're an elite level athlete.

If you have IBS, finding a meal replacement or protein shake can be frustrating. This low FODMAP shake hits the mark!

Skratch is one of the higher sodium formulas on the market and we love it for that along with it's taste and great track record with not causing stomach discomfort.

This waffle is higher in sodium than other flavors, so it's a great choice when you're trying to keep sodium intake high during training and racing. Be careful, this one tastes so good it's hard not to eat it like candy!

These protein powders are free from all artificial sweeteners. In fact, it does not contain stevia or monkfruit either! If you dislike all non-nutritive sweeteners this powder is for you. They have 6-8 grams of sugar, so just enough to make it sweet but not too sweet. If you're looking to make your own flavors and sweetness level, try the biPro Elite unflavored, which is also NSF Certified for Sport.

Collagen peptides have major benefits for athletes. Collagen can be helpful for tendon and ligament healing and strengthening. It's a useful tool for injury prevention when paired with the right type of training and conditioning. Because collagen lacks some amino acids, we typically don't recommend using more than 1 serving of it in a day. Consider using a collagen peptide protein supplement ~1 hour before your workout or physical therapy session.

beta alanine.png

Thorne is our #1 trusted brand for products NSF Certified for Sport. Beta alanine can improve exercise tolerance for high intensity, short, repeated bouts of exercise.

Creatine may help to increase work capacity and power output. It can also help support recovery after concussions. Thorne Creatine is NSF Certified for Sport.

It's hard to find a high quality fish oil with 2000 mg of EPA+DHA in just 2 pills, but this one has it! A recommended dose for reducing inflammation and improving heart health.

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