Sweat Testing 

Stop guessing and start knowing

Sweat sodium testing

Work with us to determine your sweat composition

By understating your sweat rate and electrolyte composition we can develop a precise fluid plan for your next race. Not only will we help you gather your data but we will walk you through your results and work with you to create a fueling plan for training.

Purchasing a sweat testing package with us will get you the following:

  • 2 Levelen Athlete Sweat Test & Electrolye Kits. For multisport athletes you will use 1 on the bike and 1 on the run. For single sport athletes we will use the 2 tests in various conditions to gather valuable data

  • 2 phone/video visits with a Racer's Edge Nutrition dietitian to analyze results and implement a plan to put them into practice 

  • A personalized fluid and nutrition plan for training or a race based on your unique data, taste preferences, and training goals


Investment $340

If you're already working with us through our Fueling For Sport plans, you can purchase 2 sweat testing kits + review with your dietitian to get a personalized fluid plan for a discounted rate of $179

Football Game

Team Sweat Testing

It is common for athletes to not consume enough fluids. Dehydration and inadequate electrolyte repletion can lead to:

  • Decreased strength and endurance

  • Poor performance

  • Muscle cramping

  • GI distress

  • Increased heart rate

  • Heat illness and heat stroke


Some factors that contribute to dehydration include reduced opportunity to drink during game time, high sweat losses, heat and humidity, protective gear, fluids upsetting the stomach, reduced appetite due to game time nerves, dislike for the flavor of beverages being offered, and more. In addition to dehydration being a problem, hyponatremia (low blood sodium level) can also be a major concern. Two factors that contribute to hyponatremia in athletes are drinking too much, especially of plain water, and having very high sodium losses in sweat. 

Sweat testing is a valuable way for your athletes to engage in their health understand their own unique sweat profile. Knowledge is power.

Team sweat testing will entail: ​

  • A team talk on hydration

  • Sweat rate and electrolyte testing for every team member

  • A customized fluid plan for each athlete based on testing results

  • Recommendations to coaches and staff to help facilitate proper hydration for their athletes


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