Custom formulated nutrition plans to fuel your performance and give you the edge over your competition.

Take your performance to the next level with coaching from a Board Certified Sports Dietitian.

Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado, but no matter where you live you can work with Racer's Edge Nutrition. All consults are done virtually with video conferencing and telephone visits.

Top sports nutrition strategies that can be achieved working with Racer's Edge Nutrition

Boost Performance

Learn the most up-to-date evidence based strategies to improve performance

Race Nutrition

Don't try anything new on race day! We will practice your nutrition plan for race day for months to ensure perfection when it matters most

Fuel Your Exercise

From calculating sweat rate, to planning your food and fluid intake before, during, and after exercise

Improve Sleep

Optimize recovery with adequate rest. Learn tips and tricks to help you sleep soundly

Lose Fat & Build Muscle

Nutrient timing and meal planning strategies to improve body composition

Enhance Recovery

Reduce muscle breakdown and improve muscle building with the right fuel at the right time

Specializing In Sports Nutrition For



Strength & Conditioning

Athletes With Medical Conditions



Meet Nicole, Racer's Edge Nutrition Owner


As an avid mountain biker, former snowboard racer, and certified sports dietitian, I understand the demands of high performance athletes. I have over 12 years of experience specializing in sport nutrition, diabetes and weight management. My extensive health care background allows me to help medically complex athletes with what I have termed, medical sports nutrition therapy. From my experiences, I have learned that the most successful approach to nutritional counseling is one that is completely individualized to meet your specific and unique needs.


Learn more about me and my approach to sport nutrition.

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