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With over 60 years of combined experience, the Registered Dietitians at Racer's Edge Nutrition have a wide array of specialties.

We provide sports nutrition coaching for:

  • Ironman

  • Strength and power sports

  • Cycling

  • Running

  • Swimming

  • Winter sports

  • Team sports

  • Tennis

  • Mountaineering 

  • Wrestling

  • Supercross and motocross

  • RED-S (relative energy deficiency in sport)

  • Athletes with medical conditions

  • Athletes with digestive problems

  • Improving body composition

  • Injury and surgery recovery

Top sports nutrition strategies that can be achieved working with Racer's Edge Nutrition

Beet root juice supplement

Boost Performance

Learn the most up-to-date evidence based strategies to improve performance


Race Nutrition

Don't try anything new on race day! We will practice your nutrition plan for race day for months to ensure perfection when it matters most

Sweat rate testing

Fuel Your Exercise

From calculating sweat rate, to planning your food and fluid intake before, during, and after exercise

Sleep habits

Improve Sleep

Optimize recovery with adequate rest. Learn tips and tricks to help you sleep soundly

Food for muscle building

Lose Fat & Build Muscle

Nutrient timing and meal planning strategies to improve body composition

Recovery food

Enhance Recovery

Reduce muscle breakdown and improve muscle building with the right fuel at the right time

Sports Nutrition Coaching Plans

Improve your fuel. Improve your performance.

Skiing nutrition planning

The Starting Line Plan

Topics commonly discussed during The Starting Line Plan include:

  • Assessment of calorie and macronutrient needs

  • Nutrition recommendations for before, during and after exercise

  • Fueling techniques to optimize muscle building, endurance, and recovery

  • Hydration assessment and planning

  • Nutrition strategies to improve body composition

  • Glycogen replenishment strategies, particularly for athletes doing two-a-day workouts

  • Nutrition recommendations to improve immune health 

  • Blood work review (if needed)

  • Thorough review of your training plan to ensure your nutrition will support your exercise and performance goals

  • Meal planning support will differ depending on the pricing tier you choose


Each visit will be customized to meet your nutrition needs and sport performance goals. 

Investment: Starting at $260/month for the first month (see Progression Plan below for subsequent months)

Most HSA and FSA plans can be used for payment

Mountain Biking Nutrition Plans

The Progression Plan

After your first month of working with your sports dietitian you will have various support options to choose from. You can alternate between different pricing tiers depending on how much support you need for any given month. 


It is common during the Progression Plan to further explore:

  • Training the gut to tolerate your optimal nutrition intake during races

  • Adjusting your nutrition plan to match your training plan with nutrition periodization

  • Improving nutrition before and during travel to keep your immune system working at it's best

  • Continuing to adjust nutrition plans to optimize body composition

  • Evaluating the benefit and safety of supplements

  • Reviewing follow up blood work (if needed)

  • Travel nutrition

  • Race nutrition

  • Sweat rate and sweat sodium testing 

  • Meal planning

Investment: starting at $95/month

Most HSA and FSA plans can be used for payment

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