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Weight Loss Coaching & Medical Nutrition Therapy Plans

 Work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to invest in your health,

and invest in your life

Nutrition coaching

Fueling for Health

The initial one-hour visit is used to discuss your health history, lifestyle and nutritional needs. Then, we will develop an actionable plan to ensure you are on a path to success. At follow up visit we will check in and build upon our plan to ensure you are progressing and reaching your goals. 


The Fueling for Health Plan is perfect if you're 

  • Wanting to get your weight moving in the right direction

  • Overcoming an injury or surgery and looking for guidance on anti-inflammatory eating and recovery nutrition

  • Becoming a vegan or vegetarian, or wanting to ensure your diet is balanced

  • Fine-tuning your diet to improve your blood sugar if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes 

  • Looking for advice on managing vitamin deficiencies

  • Having bariatric surgery or have had bariatric surgery

  • Wanting to improve your cholesterol levels

Investment: starting at $260 for the first month and starting at $95/month for subsequent months

Most HSA and FSA plans can be used for payment

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