I began working with Racers Edge in January of this year for my solo effort in the 2021 Race Across America. Nicole and Jacque work closely with my coach, Frank Pike, and it was through him that I contacted Racers Edge. The Race Across America, RAAM, is the toughest bicycle race in the world in which solo racers have just 12 days to cross the continental US. A 3,037 mile non stop race against the clock. Working closely with Racers Edge we were able to formulate a solid nutrition and hydration plan for the race. We also worked on making sure my electrolytes were in check especially sodium level. The results speak for themselves. I'm the 2021 male winner of RAAM and overall, first American to win the male division since 2003, the oldest person ever, at 56, to win an overall male or female division and 1 of 20 men on the planet that have won the men's overall division. Thanks in part to a solid nutrition and hydration plan laid out by Racers Edge Nutrition. I highly recommend Racers Edge Nutrition

- Erik Newsholme RAAM solo #523