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Ultra endurance nutrition Race Across America

Race Across America

(RAAM) Winner

I began working with Racers Edge in January of this year for my solo effort in the 2021 Race Across America. Nicole and Jacque work closely with my coach, Frank Pike, and it was through him that I contacted Racers Edge. The Race Across America, RAAM, is the toughest bicycle race in the world in which solo racers have just 12 days to cross the continental US. A 3,037 mile non stop race against the clock. Working closely with Racers Edge we were able to formulate a solid nutrition and hydration plan for the race. We also worked on making sure my electrolytes were in check especially sodium level. The results speak for themselves. I'm the 2021 male winner of RAAM and overall, first American to win the male division since 2003, the oldest person ever, at 56, to win an overall male or female division and 1 of 20 men on the planet that have won the men's overall division. Thanks in part to a solid nutrition and hydration plan laid out by Racers Edge Nutrition. I highly recommend Racers Edge Nutrition

—  Erik Newsholme RAAM solo #523

Wellness nutrition


"I really appreciate Jacque's approach. She is very skilled at listening to what is being said, but also identifying those unspoken concerns and issues. Her expertise in nutrition helped me to realize that a very different approach and perspective to nutrition and exercise would help me in achieving my goals. I have more energy than I have had in a very long time, which is great!!! She really helped by providing some new ideas and tools to use, but also was instrumental in helping me reframe it all.....for that I am grateful."

—  Amy. Active adult looking to improve energy, strength, body composition, and find a sustainable nutrition plan to support exercise.

Vegan eating nutrition plan

Vegan Eating

Jacque was very attentive to my goals along with any personal pieces that I wanted to bring in related to my goals. She consistently checked in with my progress during each session and provided really helpful tools to help me understand what a balanced vegan diet looks like along with any deficiencies that I might be experiencing from lack of knowledge surrounding a sustainable vegan diet.

— Emma E.


Ironman athlete nutrition

Ironman Athlete

"Recently I changed my diet to plant-based, which was a great decision. However, I was a bit concerned that I was not getting enough protein and with the high intensity of training coming up I was looking for someone who can advise me for any adjustment if needed. Jacque, was a perfect match for my needs. Her background as triathlete, more or less same age as I am and most important she is doing this type of diets for many years, helped to build trust and a quick effective plan that addressed my goals.
She is very knowledgeable, a good listener and always has great ideas that are easy to implement. I am very happy with the results and would recommend Jacque to anyone looking for a professional."

—  Eyal S., Ironman athlete

Gravel racing sports nutrition

Mountain and Gravel

Bike Racing

"Racer's Edge changed everything!! As an older athlete, I was really struggling to recover from hard rides and races and was having weight and blood pressure issues. My coach hooked me up with Nicole at Racer's Edge and hooboy, are things better now! Nicole is super nice, and incredibly knowledgeable. This is absolutely a just-for-you service, no one size fits most sort of affair. The consults are really detailed, non-judgy, and you get access to every single thing that is discussed in detailed notes, so you don't have to try and scribble it all down or remember everything. If you have questions later, Nicole is ON IT.
Upshot is that my race times improved, my recovery time improved, I lost weight and my BP issues are GONE. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner! Thank you Nicole and Racer's Edge!!!"

- T.L., Mountain and gravel bike racer 

Vegan nutrition for runners

Vegan Runner

"I have struggled for a long time to meet my energy needs, as an endurance runner through college and now with a job on a construction site that involves strenuous daily tasks. I also recently decided to go vegan and wanted to make sure I had complete information about the nutrients I needed. I had found a lot of conflicting information about how much protein I needed, and I learned from Jacque that I needed to increase my intake by a lot! She also pointed out several vitamins and minerals that I hadn’t realized I might need to watch for. She helped me develop strategies to work those things into my diet, and to better fuel myself for an active lifestyle."

—  S.H., endurance runner

Super Health Food

Proper Fueling

"For years I felt beat down after workouts and like I had to hold back to save something for the next day's workout.  After one session with Sarah, we made some adjustments and now I feel energized after a workout!"

- Jacob M.

Couple's Shadow

Nutrition for Couples

"My husband and I hired Jacque to help us get on the same nutritional plan - understanding we had different needs/goals but we couldn't do two completely different plans as we share most meals. She was really helpful in working with us one-on-one and as a couple to figure it out. We both feel great after our three months of working together and have seen lots of changes!

—  Laura R.

Wrestling athlete nutrition

2021 Senior National Champion, Men's Freestyle 79kg

I’ve been working with Nicole now for a little under a year. I started working with her after I graduated college and started wrestling freestyle. All through college I never really worried about my diet, but after not having the success I wanted, I decided I needed help with it. I needed someone to show me how to make a proper weight cut and stay fueled during the process. I also wanted to know what I should be eating everyday, in and out of my season. She made me a customized plan that fits my needs. Nicole has been such a huge part of my confidence in training. I now know I’ve done everything right before I step on the mat. She’s been an incredible resource for my nutrition as an athlete.

—  Taylor Lujan, USA Senior National Champion wrestler

Pro cycling nutrition

Pro Cyclist

"I started working with Nicole  at Racer's Edge with the goal of losing some off-season weight and optimizing my nutrition for the race season.  I’ve been a professional level cyclist for several years and, while I’ve always had what I consider relatively good eating habits, I didn’t really have the knowledge on how to meet my goals without sacrificing my power, muscle or performance. After several baffling days of surfing through the glut of sport specific diet advice online (much of it contradictory), I decided to make the investment and hire Nicole. 


Within the first couple of sessions I knew I made the right choice. Nicole helped me come up with a sustainable plan taking my goals, seasonal training and food preferences into account, while teaching me how to manage my intake with very simple math. She also helped me optimize my nutrition on the bike and made suggestions on dietary supplements (based upon real science - no gimmicks or endorsements) that actually improved my performance in targeted and specific ways. Most importantly, she helped me navigate through the confusing space of sports nutrition and to identify the really important areas of focus. 


Without making any changes to my training routines, within the first 4 months I made noticeable progress towards my weight goals and within 6 months I was below my target. More importantly, I retained my muscle mass and my power on the bike actually increased. Having the advice of an expert reduced my anxiety around eating and I felt like I could make food choices without guilt. Working with Racer’s Edge has truly been transformational and I would recommend anyone - regardless of their skill level or athletic goals - make the investment for a healthier outlook on life."

 — Melanie


Mountain Bike Racing

"Sarah was absolutely critical in helping me achieve goals I never thought possible!! Without Sarah and Racers Edge you’re only training part way!! Nutrition is hyper specific to each athlete and a race plan takes out all the guesswork. Sarah created a custom race plan that was tailored to my carb needs, gut tolerance, and race type. The plan worked perfectly!!

My goal was to do better than last year and I far exceeded this with a second place finish. The BEST part is having the energy when you need it to push through the hard efforts. Sarah taught me how to properly fuel for my race and most importantly practice my fueling during training which added heaps of confidence!! If you want to reach your true potential you MUST use Sarah at Racers Edge Nutrition and achieve success and confidence you never thought possible!"

- Ray W.

Alpine skiing nutrition

Winter Sports

"We brought in Nicole to conduct a nutrition workshop with our coaches and athletes and it was a perfect fit for our goals.  Nicole tailored her presentation to specifically address the varied demands of our many sport disciplines, our athlete’s travel and training needs, as well as to their age and knowledge.  Nicole’s presentation delivered the science of nutrition in a way that was easy to digest, and her delivery was on-target.  The questions our athletes asked during the workshop made it clear that they were engaged and thinking about how to implement what they had learned into their training."

—  Dave S., Athletic Director for Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

Weight loss nutrition planning

Losing Weight While Preserving Muscle

"Working with Jacque was incredible! She always listened to my questions and goals, and I felt incredibly valued. I met my goals far easier than I ever would've expected, and she left me with the knowledge and confidence to continue working on my own."

—  Cameron J.

Runner's trots

Ironman & Tummy Troubles

"My number one goal with Jacque was to not poop myself during the race (and/or big training days)! The goal was met in my two races! We also looked at general everyday eating and decided to eat according to Low FODMAP. I think Low FODMAP and race nutrition (days before and morning of) were helpful in reaching the goal. I have a good understanding as I approach the next three races of what to eat and when. Jacque was responsive in her communication in our work, but also was very encouraging and congratulatory in race accomplishments! I think nutrition is huge in triathlons! I knew it would be a big factor in my performance and I am glad I received guidance in the process through Racer's Edge Nutrition."

—  J.S., Ironman athlete

GI issues for marathon runners

Tummy Issues in Runners

"Nicole's guidance on fueling for  races was especially helpful and worked like a charm! I had become afraid to eat or drink during races due to a complicated GI history with multiple surgeries. Her recommendations for pre-race and race fueling were golden. I had both the fastest and most GI-problem free half marathon I've had in YEARS! Very grateful for her guidance and insight."

— Heather V., Half-marathon runner


Improving Strength and Endurance

"Sarah was incredibly helpful in answering my sometimes odd questions. She gave awesome suggestions about how to structure my food intake to meet my goals. She is compassionate, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. This experience has been amazing."

- Robin E.

Track athlete nutrition

Track & Field

"Nicole taught me about proper carbohydrate consumption before and after exercise along with how to build a balanced plate at every meal. She also helped push me to step outside of my comfort zone when it came to eating certain foods. I would have otherwise never had the courage to do that. Working with Nicole made our visits so approachable and fun, like I was having a conversation with a friend."

—  Carina G. Elite track and field Air Force WCAP athlete

Ultra running nutrition plan

Ultra Running

"Jacque was very helpful and encouraging. She has a background in endurance sports and related well with my desires. She quickly helped generate a nutrition plan for an ultra. She was very aware of my training plan and we worked together to implement nutrition to support the training and the race. In addition to my primary goal of the nutrition plan for the race, Jacque helped with general nutrition and keeping my immune system up with nutrition during a pandemic year. Jacque was always happy and energetic. Given the craziness of 2020 and race cancellations, Jacque even offered to help support a personal run to meet my goals."

— David S. Ultra-endurance athlete

Triathlon racing nutrition

Triathlon Nutrition

"Jacque was super responsive and well prepared for our sessions. She always seemed to know exactly what thoughts/concerns I had about nutrition ahead of time, and so each conversation felt like a fruitful discussion that guided me to a better mindset about food and my goals. I’m on a tremendous trajectory to meet my nutrition goals and become a much much stronger triathlete because of it!"

—  C.Q., Triathlete

Road cycling nutrition

Cycling and Nutrition for Health & Weight Loss

"I needed help getting my weight under control and make sure I was 'dieting' in a healthy way. I reached out to Nicole. Our initial conversation was AWESOME. We talked about my goals in depth and we developed a plan to achieve those. Nicole developed a weekly meal plan based on my activities (cycling, etc). I reached out to her with questions and she responded while she was on vacation! Nicole helped me meet and surpass my goals. Thank You!"

—  Dan E., Active adult looking to improve health and body composition

Olympic weightlifting nutrition

Olympic Weightlifting

"I compete in olympic weightlifting and was having trouble getting into my preferred weight class for meets since having a baby. For almost 2 years I did macro counting with different nutrition coaches but it did not work well for me and wasn't sustainable. Nicole gave me a simpler regimen to follow that started working immediately (very surprising considering how long I had struggled before working with her). We made small adjustments along the way and I was at my competition weight much earlier than expected, all while maintaining my strength. I even hit PRs at my meet! Nicole also gave me a comfortable way to cut a few pounds a day before a meet. It was shocking how well it worked and that none of my coaches or teammates had ever done it this way before. 10/10 experience with Nicole!"

—  Natalie, Olympic weightlifter

Image by Mario La Pergola

Ironman Athlete

"When I ran my first marathon, I almost passed out after I crossed the finish line. My nutrition needed help, badly. I tweaked some of the finer details and later competed in my first 70.3. I felt like death afterwards. Cramps, nausea, dizziness—you name it.

When I signed up for a full Ironman, I began using Racer's Edge Nutrition. Jacque was my coach and she worked with me over the course of five months to dial in my training and race day nutrition. We experimented with products and portions. When I started to experience dizziness during long workouts, she worked with me until we found the perfect combination of fluids and solids. She helped me to create a race day plan that was detailed and doable.

I couldn't have been happier with the results. Even in the 80-degree Houston weather, I was able to complete Ironman Texas with no nutrition problems whatsoever. I didn't feel weak, dizzy, or nauseous the entire race. In fact, I felt stronger than I felt running my first marathon and 70.3. If you're nervous about competing in a long endurance race because you're not sure how to handle your nutrition, I HIGHLY recommend Racer's Edge.

—  Wade B., Ironman Athlete

Volleyball sports nutrition


"Nicole is so caring and so fun to work with! I am a D1 volleyball athlete and was needing some help with how to correctly fuel my body to perform at my best. Nicole not only helped me feel great but improved my athletic performance. It is amazing to be prepared to compete because I am able to fuel my body for what it needs and I thank Nicole for that! Great opportunity to work with Racer's Edge Nutrition!"

—  Payton, Division 1 volleyball player

Strength and conditioning nutrition


"Every session with Nicole was tailored to exactly what my needs were. Nicole was knowledgeable on how to reach my goals in a realistic and healthy way. A few of my family members worked with Nicole and we were all extremely satisfied with our individual results."

—  Ellyn G., Runner and weight lifter

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