Desert Road


"I started working with Nicole  at Racer's Edge with the goal of losing some off-season weight and optimizing my nutrition for the race season.  I’ve been a professional level cyclist for several years and, while I’ve always had what I consider relatively good eating habits, I didn’t really have the knowledge on how to meet my goals without sacrificing my power, muscle or performance. After several baffling days of surfing through the glut of sport specific diet advice online (much of it contradictory), I decided to make the investment and hire Nicole. 


Within the first couple of sessions I knew I made the right choice. Nicole helped me come up with a sustainable plan taking my goals, seasonal training and food preferences into account, while teaching me how to manage my intake with very simple math. She also helped me optimize my nutrition on the bike and made suggestions on dietary supplements (based upon real science - no gimmicks or endorsements) that actually improved my performance in targeted and specific ways. Most importantly, she helped me navigate through the confusing space of sports nutrition and to identify the really important areas of focus. 


Without making any changes to my training routines, within the first 4 months I made noticeable progress towards my weight goals and within 6 months I was below my target. More importantly, I retained my muscle mass and my power on the bike actually increased. Having the advice of an expert reduced my anxiety around eating and I felt like I could make food choices without guilt. Working with Racer’s Edge has truly been transformational and I would recommend anyone - regardless of their skill level or athletic goals - make the investment for a healthier outlook on life." 

- Melanie, Pro Cyclist