Heather V.

Nicole's guidance on fueling for  races was especially helpful and worked like a charm! I had become afraid to eat or drink during races due to a complicated GI history with multiple surgeries. Her recommendations for pre-race and race fueling were golden. I had both the fastest and most GI-problem free half marathon I've had in YEARS! Very grateful for her guidance and insight.

Ellyn G.

Every session with Nicole was tailored to exactly what my needs were. Nicole was knowledgeable on how to reach my goals in a realistic and healthy way. A few of my family members worked with Nicole and we were all extremely satisfied with our individual results.

Dan E.

The initial phone call is what made me choose Nicole over the other nutritionists/dietitians. She asked a lot of detailed questions of where I was at currently and what my goals were. I race bicycles competitively and as I am getting older my nutrition was not working like it did. She was able to get me back on track to meet my goals.

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