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Have one of our experienced Registered Dietitians engage your athletes in an exciting nutrition talk to improve their health and performance

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Team Talks

Take your team's performance to the next level by improving the eating habits of your athletes. It's easier said than done, but we have a pretty great track record! We will customize all of our presentations to fit the unique needs of your sport, team, and athletes.

Potential topics include:

  • Pre-game fueling

  • Healthy eating and the Athlete's Plate

  • Nutrition on the road

  • Recovery nutrition

  • Achieving a healthy body composition for your sport

  • Hydration strategies

  • Energy availability and RED-S

  • Pre-season and in-season fueling

  • Nutrition for gaining muscle

  • Staying healthy during the in-season

  • Nutrition considerations for altitude

  • Healing from injury

Feedback from Team Presentations

"We brought in Nicole to conduct a nutrition workshop with our coaches and athletes and it was a perfect fit for our goals.  Nicole tailored her presentation to specifically address the varied demands of our many sport disciplines, our athlete’s travel and training needs, as well as to their age and knowledge.  Nicole’s presentation delivered the science of nutrition in a way that was easy to digest, and her delivery was on-target.  The questions our athletes asked during the workshop made it clear that they were engaged and thinking about how to implement what they had learned into their training."

—  Dave Stewart, Athletic Director for Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club

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