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The Ultimate Ironman and Ultra Running 
Nutrition Package

Improve your fuel. Improve your performance.

Triatholon Swim

It's not just about having a race day nutrition plan. While working with us, we will not only discuss proper nutrition for training, recovering and racing but will also ensure that you are supporting all the systems in your body to handle the demands you will experience during your Ironman or Ultra Run journey.  

The Ultimate Ironman or Ultra Running Nutrition 5-Month Plan

We will cover a variety of important nutrition strategies to compliment your training regimen:

  • Assessment of calorie and macronutrient needs throughout your training cycles

  • Fueling techniques to optimize muscle building, endurance, and recovery

  • Glycogen replenishment strategies

  • Nutrition recommendations to support your immune system

  • Sweat testing, hydration assessment and planning

  • Meal planning strategies

  • Periodizing nutrition around your training schedule

  • Race week nutrition planning and detailed race day plans

  • Blood work review (if needed)

  • Communication with your coach on an as needed basis


Each visit will be customized to meet your nutrition needs and sport performance goals.  

The 5 month plan will get you a 60-minute initial visit and ten 45-minute follow up visits with your dietitian, a race nutrition plan, up to 1 chat message per week, customized hydration plans, individualized nutrition goals and plans set for you at each visit, and access to our meal planning app for $1570 (if paid up front, which is a $350 savings)

Most HSA and FSA plans can be used for payment

We also offer an add-on service for those looking to have their dietitian provide customized weekly nutrition recommendations in Training Peaks to help guide your day to day nutrition and maximize each training session (additional fee for this service is $180-220/month)

A personal story from our own Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Jacque Maldonado, an accomplished triathlete with five Full Ironman finishes, a dozen Half Ironman finishes, and 7 podium awards.

In training for my first Full Ironman, I made some mistakes with my own nutrition, despite having two degrees in nutrition and 15 years of experience running full marathons. If I can make mistakes, anyone can! The main issue for me was not eating enough. The main issue for you might be something different. I followed a balanced diet, honored my hunger and was hoping to ‘stay lean’, as I didn’t want to carry excess weight for 140.6 miles.  However, in not meeting my true energy and protein needs for training, I lost my period and my immune system took a hit. On top of that, I got Giardia on a backpacking trip a month before my race! Getting sick before a race you have been training hard for is very frustrating. Between getting lots of rest, treating the Giardia, and focusing on nutrition I was able to bounce back .  My race was a success because I followed and practiced a well thought out race day nutrition plan. Over the years I continued to refine my nutrition skills and got stronger, faster and wiser in subsequent Ironman races.

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