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Blood Testing
Available to all of our clients

Blood testing for athletes

Some of the most important blood markers that can impact athletic performance and illness risk are never tested! If your dietitian at Racer's Edge Nutrition suspects any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies based on your diet or symptoms that you are experiencing, we may recommend that you get your levels tested. 90% of our clients will be able to have this done by their health care provider and have it covered by insurance. If you don't have good insurance coverage for blood work, you can have your tests ordered by our trusted partner - Athlete Blood Test. All of our clients will have access to discounted pricing at Athlete Blood Test and be able to get bloodwork done at a local LabCorp. 

Some of the tests our athletes will get:

  • Iron testing before and after altitude training

  • Vitamin D testing

  • A panel of vitamins for vegetarian athletes

  • Possible hormone and vitamin and mineral testing if we suspect RED-S

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