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  • Nicole Rubenstein, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE

High Quality Fuel on Vacation

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

This is the #1 thing I love about getting a VRBO or Airbnb on vacation - cooking my own meals! We have a big day of diving in La Jolla today, so I needed to make sure that I have enough fuel to last me a while. Hunt around for cost-effective condo/home rentals, as they are often the same or less than a hotel room.

Here is a Racer's Edge Nutrition Pro Tip for traveling athletes:

Get your own place with a VRBO or Airbnb. You can cook your own meals and be in control of what you eat. If you are not walking distance to the market, see if there is a bike sharing company that you can use. We used Lime Bike yesterday to get to the market. They had an e-bike option too which made it easy to transport a few gallons of water up the big hills in Ja Jolla. Alternatively, you can use Instacart to deliver your groceries while on vacation if you don't have a car.

Here is what we picked up at the store:


1 stick of butter

Tiny bottle of olive oil

Green onion








Trail mix




Spice blends

Then we stopped at a local bakery for a few croissants. Finally, we stopped at the local fish market, only 2 blocks from our condo, to pick up a calamari steak and local halibut. We plan to stop there each day to pick up fresh, local fish for dinner. All of these groceries cost significantly less than eating out at nice restaurants for breakfast and dinner every day.

Purchasing local food (and local, organic produce when available) tastes better, is better for your body, and allows you to support local business. It's a win-win all around!

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