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Tart Cherry Juice Helps Athletes Recover AND Sleep Better

This delicious, yet tart, juice can help reduce inflammation, decrease muscle soreness, and improve sleep duration and quality.

When to use:

1) 4 days before, the day of, and 2 days after competition.

2) During periods of high intensity training, but NOT on a daily basis during your build phase. Some level of inflammation is important for training adaptation, so you don't want to use this supplement on a regular basis during early season training. However, once you hit your peak, feel free to use on a daily basis. You can use this supplement on an occasional basis if needed during your build phase.

How to consume:

1) Drink 1 oz of tart cherry juice concentrate twice per day.

2) Alternatively, you can consume 8-12 oz of tart cherry juice twice per day, but this strategy will give you a lot more sugar. This is OK if you are looking to increase your carbohydrate intake.

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